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Chapter 1: Introduction of a New Hero: Zero

Beast Boy finally realized the Terra he knew was long gone. He turned around and ran through the school doors. He began thinking of all the fun times he had with Terra. He even thought of the times when she was his enemy. Even the time when he told her she had no friends. He wish he could take it back, all of it. As he continued running towards the other Titans he notice a rocker looking boy staring at him with red sunglasses, a black shirt with a red cross design on it, and black baggy pants. Beast Boy stopped and looked at him. Beast Boy stopped and looked at him many thoughts came to his head. Was he a spy for slade or maybe a member of the recently stopped brotherhood of evil. Beast Boy began to glare but said nothing to him.

The boy then spoke. "I revived Terra" he said with a smirk. Beast Boys eyes widen and could not believe what he just heard. The boy then spoke agian,"If you wish to find out how i revived her or why she does not remember you follow me your friends can stop that monster without you and turn off your communicator for now." The boy began walking down an ally. It had to be a trap Beast Boy thought to himself. But it could be possible he did revive Terra. He decided to follow him and shut off his communicator. He followed the boy to a door way that he walked through. Beast Boy went through as well and the door shut behind him. He turned around quickly and at first thought, " I KNEW IT WAS A TRAP" he said to himself.

The lights turned on and Beast Boy saw some of the most high end computers and equipment and medical machines. They were even more advanced than what Cyborg had."Dude this stuff his high Tech." Beast Boy said. "Glad you like it, this equipment helped me revive your friend" the boy said. Beast Boy walked up to him and said,"Yaaaaaaaaaa, how did you do that and why cant she remember me?" The boy looked away from him and walked to his computer. He then spoke, " What im about to tell you is not going to be easy for you to hear and i also needed to warn you." Beast Boy raised an eyebrow in confusion. He thought to himself "Warn me about what?" The boy spoke agian," First your friend and sorry for not getting introductions out of the way my name is Zero im a super hero like yourself." Zero shook Beast Boy's hand. "Nice to meet you i suppose you know me and my friends right?" Beast Boy said to Zero. "Yes I do" Zero replied.

Zero continued to speak, "Terra as you know was completely turned to stone (Beast Boy shook his head up and down) to reverse the effect i had to completely drain her powers."
"But how?" Beast Boy asked. Zero sighed and continued," Well her powers were artifically made and were placed in her body, since they are artificial i could easily remove them. Afterwards . . . . " he stopped. " What? " Beast Boy asked. Silence was between them for a good couple of minutes until Beast Boy grabbed him by the collar. " TELL ME NOW!" He shouted right in his face. Zero looked him in the face and then continued. " She asked me to remove all memory of her encounters with the Teen Titans and Slade." Beast Boy let go and was moving backwards. " No . . ." he said softly. He then turned and punched a wall. " WHY! WE WERE HER FRIENDS JUST WHY I . . .I !?!" he screamed at the wall he punched. Zero looked down and spoke agian, " I told you it would not be easy to hear but the slade experienced which ended up betraying you scarred her for life and she did not have her powers anymore so she wanted to be a normal person." He placed his hand on Beast Boy's shoulder and said to him," I know what it is like to loose a girl you love."

Beast Boy was at a lost for words he did not want to believe any of it but it was way Zero spoke it felt like he had known him forever like he was he best friend. "What else. . . " Beast Boy said. Zero went to his computer and ejected two disks and labeled them. Zero walked up to him and handed Beast Boy both of the disks." One disk contains information on my enemy Dead Jack he has come to this city hoping to destroy it and the other contains information  on Trigon possibly returning." Beast Boy's eyes widen and shouted," TRIGON! How can he?" Zero interrupted, " Demons can come to this world in many different ways although he can not use your friend Raven as a portal anymore but there are other means. Take these straight to Robin he will figure out what to do." Beast Boy put both disks in his pocket and looked at him seriously and spoke," What are you going to do?" Zero went back over to his computer and explained his actions," Im going to continue digging i have informants for both the Scath occult and the Satanic occult that worships Dead Jack the demon Jack in the box." "Dude this sounds seriously dark" Beast Boy said. " I know" Zero replied.

Zero handed him a small black box with a big Z on it. "Whats this?" Beast Boy asked. Zero rubbed his head and explained," This is a communicator to talk to me in case of an emergancy." " Thanks man and how can i trust you?" Beast boy asked. Zero laughed and spoke," If i was your enemy i would be wiser to kill you now but im not your enemy you can feel that cant you?" "Ya i can tell your not my enemy but dude just becarefull alright this is really dark stuff your talking about." Beast Boy said. Zero shook his head. " Now go your team is waiting for you" Zero said. Beast Boy then left Zeros hideout to get back to the titans.

Zero walked back to his computer and pressed a button to reveal his Z-Nano Tech Suite. He then thought to himself, "Hes right this is completely dark and i am going to need help thank goodness I did decide to contact one of the Teen Titans." He began to put his suite on and began selecting his gadgets for a reconises mission. "Time to go" he said to himself.
First episode of my Teen Titan Series mostly focuses around the new hero known as Zero and Beast Boy.


Teen Titans, Beast Boy (c) DC Comics

Zero (c) FallenAngel888
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